Fall Blau Campaign

We all gathered early Saturday AM to assess the board Pete had set up. He and I would take Axis while Cisco and Brady were the defenders of the Rodina.

2016-08-13 15.20.33

I am reminded of just how large this game is. It is not a mini monster. It is a monster. End of story. The counter density is bearable, but the vastness of Russia slaps you hard.

Pete and I had a rough plan.

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Fall Blau

Five men gathered to play Fall Blau last weekend.
2016-06-11 09.22.52

We drew for sides:

Mr. Redshirt (Austin pulled 2nd Hun. 2nd Army and 4th Pzr Grp.

Mr. Blackshirt (Pete) pulled 6th Army and Paulus I took 17th and 6 Pzr. Gary scored Stavka and the Caucaus;s plus the 9,12th,18th,37th and 56th Armies. Cisco the ever loving Commie scored the rest – basically everything North of Stalingrad.

2016-06-11 09.01.48

What follows is a pictorial representation of the two teams efforts across the course of the battle that was played.

There were detailed notes for the first 9 turns. Then it got intense and the not taking was restricted to my own area. The upshot is Soviets struggle to create good odds against the Wehrmacht and failed in attacks 5/6 times prior to Winter Offensive special rules. The Germans when attacking at 4:1 or better smacked the Soviets around and also bumped weaker units with Mobile Assaults once we got the hang of them also.

At Start

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Pacific War: G’canal Scenario, 1942 August- Days 8-EoM.

I found these extra shots not included in the original post regarding the month of August. Here are my brief notes on the Pacific War campaign we are playing of the Guadalcanal campaign. September’s notes will be up in a few days:

As the month of august  wears on the USN now faced with a stricken BB and having been unable to slow the reinforcement of G’canal they head back to base to refit and attempt a fresh attack in September. Excellent search rolls and scrambles ward off air strikes.

2016-04-29 15.00.56

The USN subs almost finish off and sink the Hiei.

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Pacific War: G’canal Scenario, 1942 August- Days 3-6.

1942 August Days 4-6.

The lighten strike of the hastily convened and executed counter stroke to the IJN inexorable march across millions of square miles of the Pacific Ocean was in jeopardy from the moment that the strategic intel rolls went for the IJN Forces ( see my smiley face comment in this post) where we rolled up Intercept and then level 1!

The US had sent its taskforce with Raiders and Marines who were barely ship shape, supported by mediocre pilots and a Navy that really did not understand land operations at all. What could possible go wrong?

In the last report we saw both sides push forces to the small Island of Guadacanal. Where the fate of this scenario lies. The owner/controller of the Isle at the end of the scenario wins.


It is now time for the Battle Cycle resolution.

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Pacific War Guadalcanal Reboot

I’ll spare you the drama, my buddies temporary wargame table had an unlocked leg….So we lost the game.

2016-02-12 13.01.06

Reboot time.

It only took about an hour of B.S. and setup to re start. Oh and 3 beers each.


Good news this time I have Intercept as my Operational Intel versus Surprise. Which kicked my arse last time!

🙂 lucky me.

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Pacific War Battle Cycle


The TF’s close, bombing runs occur and the intercoastal waters see oil slicks spread and sharks circle for sport.


More details in the full report.


Pacific War Guadalcanal

Nothing reeks of excess like Pacific War!
After playing an engagement scenario solo of course it was assumed that the noob [moi] was ready for a campaign scenario. Hell – its only 6 months or so long starting in August of 1942… How hard can it really be!

Well it seems that the US Player has played  a lot in the past..the dim past -3 decades ago. Because with an Operational Intel Phase roll of  Surprise attack as the Intel level only a lucky search stalled the initial landings and made them night time on day 4! But not before seeing the airfield strafed and all air eliminated!

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