OST – shattered Turn 7…[reverse order turn counter]

A continuation of  our VASSAL based online play:

The battle for the center of the map heats up. The KV1 is proving to be invincible. So to are T-34s, so dont hold onto allusions of historical accuracy here. Just revel in the fun. We started at Turn 14, it is now T6. The Germans are likely going to lose this scenario as they have nothing tht can stop the T-34s. Either a heavy AT gun or better tanks are required…or a revision of the movement rate/stats of the 1941 T-34.

We are having a blast working out the kinks in the system and exploring different strategies as they evolve with Opportunity Fire,  Tank Duels and Melee.

Good cracking fun.



Shattered OST Turns 14 thru 7

OST and Panzer have something in common! They both have deadly scenarios situated in and around Brody in the Western reaches of Russia. SEt in the Summer of 41, this scenario pits T-34s, and a KV1 against IV H’s and IIIF’s. Both sides have infantry, and a lot to do  in order to meet their objectives.


We had a miss communication turn 1, one of us used the boundaries for the scenario the other used map edge. Plus we moved twice in our eagerness. We adjusted for that and played on.

The first turn – Turn 14 ended up like so:

End turn 14

end turn14-13_shattered

End Turn 13

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Pacific War, Wake Island

USMC-C-Wake-4Wake Island 1941. The Pacific War scenario starts out with 3 strikes on Wake. I guess there is no response or counter… or does CAP get to react. [EDIT – I ran 3 attacks on the ground units and only managed a T or Troop Quality Check, which the Marines passed easily.]

No doubt the first of many stumbles learning this game. The US start with 1 Marine units 1 sub and 1 step of 1 Engine planes [fighters]

2015-09-07 22.40.15

The IJN have air support from the Marshall islands and are ready to land troops. No Zeros that were historically present, just a 2E force with 1 Step of IJN Marines being escorted.

I shall walk myself thru this simple but overwhelmingly wordy process, one step at a time. Enjoy the drama.

Select air to attack PW
Select air to attack  [PW]
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Objective Kiev

Opening shots show you CRT and Terrain.

This game is designed and modelled almost exact as Objective Moscow by Frank Chadwick. Simple quick easy to play.

Opening moves were a bit sub optimal and for the first few turns I deducted a column on attack for Cities not Major Cities… This ends up hurting the Germans.

In the South the Soviets make use of their counter attack bonus Turn 1 & 2 with 100% and 50% increase in Attack factors for all attacking units. This weakens the Axis (0.49 time mark).

@ the 1:00 mark Turn 4 begins and the German machine kicks into gear. just as Soviet reinforcements ramp up. The unit in Sheptakova is still unknown and the Axis pile on, not even knowing the spread of high low factors makes these attacks a bit nerve racking!

Each hex is only allowed one attacking unit and stacking is max two units. @ 1:29 the Germans pile in to clear cities in the North and bide their time in the South

@1:32 and the Soviets attempt to counter attack, and fail, but the Axis must really control ALL the cities for the win and it may be stretch to make that happen despite sub par defensive play.

Kiev does fall Turn six but in order to take Cheringov this requires leaving the  city open. Which barring the Victory conditions I would not have done given its ‘strategic’ importance overall. I had hoped to reach the city with another unit but I over estimated movement!

Thus as turn 7 rolls in the Soviets re capture Kiev unopposed and earn a  draw with 2 cities in hand.

The title has some replay value and would be solid for a learner game as it covers fundamentals of movement, combat, zocs and ‘strategic’ play in a simple framework.

Good easy to read charts, superb rule layout and format and a pleasing but simple set of components.

(Note the two spare units I had left the Axis units at home while I was playing this on vacation.)

Fun stuff!


Luzon and Battan Mac Arthur’s folly

This week and next marks the implementation and early stages of Plan Orange, bringing to light the poor planning, weakly executed ideas and pipe dream of Mac Arthurs plans for the Philippines.

Image BGG-David Maynard

Forced to make a desperate 150 mile retreat into Bataan, forced to abandon Clark Airfield due to earlier mis management of resources, forced to abandon millions of tonnes of supplies Mc Arthur faced disaster. The epic nature of the mishandling of the Philippine campaign is only mitigated by time and hero worshiping historians.

85% of the aircraft available of the 277 were destroyed or required repair by the 2nd week of the war. The vast majority of the Filipino forces were paper tigers barring the tankless 26th Scouts.

Politics forbade the movement of rice from one territory or province to the next. Truck drivers, railway men  abandoned trucks and depots. All left to the Japanese to feast upon while in this very week in history the men on the march were on half rations!

How? Simply put this happened due to pie in the sky planning by Mac Arthur.. Forward basing of food and supplies for another plan compounded the problems.

Fortunately what could have been a rout if Japanese General Homma had used combined arms and leveraged his air assets the true extent of this folly would have been realized.

Instead the cock sure Allied forces build up their defenses  ignoring ‘rough’ terrain and settled into what they thought was to be a waiting game until reinforcements arrived.

Washington was hamstrung however, not enough planes and ships existed to get meaningful supplies and troops to Bataan.  Even ‘gratitude’ payments to Mac Arthur of $500,000 dollars  by Filipino leadership would not save them from the attrition style warfare employed by the Japanese army. 20,000 US soldiers were left to hold Bataan while Mac Arthur was whisked away to a heroes reception in Australia replete with ‘steak and eggs’*

Lion of Luzon or Dugout Doug?


*General Brougher commander of the 11th Division of Bataan.