Tactics in Modern Combat.

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A few days ago I posted this:

A brief video to examine the needs of 2 different sides in the Modern era of combat  ( the 1980’s) when it comes to fighting the good fight.

The net of the video is that for the US forces I feel need to sit tight and fight from cover and let superior weapons, and equipment and training be their friend.

Whereas in many scenarios that I have played as the Soviets it seems that get close fast works, and flanking is critical.

So it is with much chagrin that I report my latest encounter on the battle field with LNL Heroes of the Gap. You would think that I would follow my own advice.

Lets take a look.

end turn1

So the US Cpt Boone (top left) and 2 squads with the slayer card and big ol .50 cal, pass their first opp fire, waiting to see if it was a ruse and other richer targets would appear. This is a tough call. with a clear lane of fire down the street, the US player does not want to be locked out of the Slayer benefit (fire into adjacent hexes as a free 2nd shot in the turn) in that fire lane down the middle of town as it protects 6 hexes of buildings.

The Soviet player jumps at this and moves in force to the top of town,near the end of the turn he brings in the T-62 for support and overwatch.

2nd error – leaving cover to kill. Why? especially if the weapon is not available….sigh. The hero in the intersection survives some fire, mises with the LAW. By turns end the PKM tripod MG has not fired, it shoots at the units at the bottom of the town in the purple circle. Suppressing all of them! _ Yes you guessed in comes the lone Soviet squad to melee. Ldr, and 2 squads dead.

The 2nd turn is no better. Whilst the squad in the open kills its opponent they too kill the US squad.

The Leader Boone and co, attack the first Soviets into the building. Which tactically was sound, but they now leave themselves exposed to suppression next turn when the Soviets can turn the PKM on them.

South of town the random event generated German units are killed and the Soviets now have 2 captured weapons…

So the point here is :

1. shoot when it matters

2. leave yourself options and overwatch.

3. position correctly

4. In cover stay there!!

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