Taco Takedown May 6th….burp..

Setting the stage. Yeah, so we “set” this shot up. Got my coffee, kids b.fast, rules all looking good.

My May 6th [breakfast] Taco:

Black Forest Bacon. Egg, Cheese and the remnants of the salsa from 2 days ago, blended with some fruit pulp and juice to make a thinner salsa. It was a little sweet as we were out serranos and peppers…;(

7 thoughts on “Taco Takedown May 6th….burp..

    • yes. sweet stuff. I prefer since I do 90% solo, the modularity of folding tables. My 2nd game table down stairs was my work desk, but it was made too high.
      It is a good platform for holding a couple of single mappers. It is all uneven as heck, but after a few house moves, the screws are stripped and it is low on the fix priority (currently putting new windows and a floor in the upstairs)

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