Strike North AAR [Chrono]

Play Date: 28th of July
Turn 1

2013-07-25 15.41.25
9th of April 1940

2013-07-25 15.40.07

The Germans have landed in Norway. Oslo and key coastal towns have been captured, including the isolated Narvik.

2013-07-25 15.45.51

The 163rd Division situated near Oslo attacks the Norwegian 3rd Mountain Division and finishes off battered remnants.

2013-07-28 16.17.15

In Bergen the 69th attacks the 4th Mountain swapping losses.

The 3rd assess options in the North:

2013-07-25 15.42.31
German forces take reinforcement in Trondheim the 2nd Division takes 3 steps, the 181st takes 2 in Egersund and the 214th takes 4 in Oslo from the limited replacement pool available.

End turn VP Level 16


Turn 2 

2013-07-29 16.45.04
The 2nd Division lands.

The 163rd Mt captures Lillehammer.

Germany move to attack with the 163rd and the 214th and suffer an adverse result fighting the 2nd mountain. -2 steps to attack/-1 to defender.

2013-07-29 18.00.30

Norways 1st Mtn attacks the 214th Garrison units @ 1:1. Suffering a 3/1 loss in Oslo.

A 2:1 attack on Stavanger (Major city) blows out the garrison there (161st Div v Gar)
Outside of Bergen the 69th Division forms up and attacks the 4th swapping losses. -1/-1.

Turn 3

2013-07-29 18.43.30
24th British Guard lands and is immediately attacked by the 163rd Mtn and 163rd Infantry.

2013-07-29 18.44.14

The Germans suffer a defeat 2/1 steps lost.

The 15th prosecutes its plan taking Arendal in a easy 4:1 attack. The 214th attacks the balance of 1st Mtn eliminating it and earning more VPS.

2013-07-29 18.19.38

The 69th attacks the 4th, both lose a step.

VP level is 22 for the Germans.

The field thins for the Norwegian and Allied forces. Grim indeed.

2013-07-30 17.25.38


The Allies really needed to wait longer for reinforcements before trying to tackle the Nazis, however if they wait too long the Germans can pull replacement points in to max out strength for each unit on teh board at the locations that matter. i.e. Oslo and major towns.

Even French landing up here are not really going to help.

2013-07-30 17.39.58


Final positions:

StrikeNorth_end T3The fall of Oslo would read as a auto victory for the Allies. The forces mustered to take it cannot make a dent. The balance of Allied forces scrap on. The Germans hold on and consolidate gains. If the reinforce the North they can sweep South and clean up the last towns.

The unused portions of the map are for a alternate scenario involving Swedish intervention and some other alt history events.

All in all the game shows us the forlorn situation but does so in a dreary kind of way. And a very simplistic one too I might add. We do gather the situation the Germans faced and the Allied had. Backed into a corner the Allies support Norway as best they can while knowing at some point soon Case Yellow as it would be know was upon them!



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