Sticks and Stones…

A few weeks ago Walker surprised me with the release of Sticks and Stones a WWIV game…Ok people.  WTH? The preamble is WWIII breaks out. 23 cities go up and Reagan and Gorby halt proceedings and agree that only conventional weapons will be used…hence war resume as WWIV.

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Its WWIII to me. 2-5 vehicle tank platoons, platoons of men and a 24 sq km map area. I’m bi curious.

I have been anxious to try this game for a couple of reasons.
Not the least of which is, it is Mark Walkers first foray into the WWIII genre post LNLP. Can he really recreate the magic of this font type? 🙂 grk_leopard_wAw

Will the rules be a weak reprise of World at War bucket of dice with that “am I playing minis or a wargame?” feel. Most of all however for detractors will the have the opportunity to enjoy Marks pulp fiction scenario lead ins and story line replete with werewolves etal? Alt future past history indeed. For me however what I wanted to know with a singular focus was just this one little thing;

Sticks and Stones

Start throwing rocks.

Could Walker still create knife edge scenarios with thematic stories bursting thru the from the game?

Stay tuned.

The Bridge at Gersbach is about to be stormed by 10 platoons of Soviets in a hurry. Team Bravo is tasked with denying that bridge to them.

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  1. I have the game, too, but haven’t played it yet. Im liking the rules. Seems similar-ish to WaW, but different enough to be unique.

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