Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn 5]




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Turn 5

Nov: 27-28

Weather Fog

Axis Air 6

Soviet Air 3

Soviet movement this turn consisted of shuffling around looking for openings in and around Stalingrad and bemoaning the loss of some many good units.  Most Arty failed, and the attack on the Pass @ 56.24 was a D1.  The Axis threw 3 AIR at this!!!

The attacks by Katys combined with other arty yielded no step losses and ONE DG. Further North it was a different story.

Deep movement had 14 Guard from 1st Guard Army reach Oblivskaya.

t5-6 t5-5 t5-4 t51

How did this happen? The Soviets used overrun in their phase and cleared the road so that faster units could pass thru. This also allowed supply to be extended as the HQs were in danger of not be able to keep up. By taking this town it bodes well for diverting enemy reinforcement and taking Nizhne-C which would be almost a certain Soviet victory.

The Germans were not to be ignored,nor the pesky Romanians. They attack 49.27! Which kills more Soviets.  The focus is in the North however. The scramble to push precious scarece resources North East is a mad house of juggled priorities. 14&22nd Pzr rush to cover, the Alert Battalions coming fill Tormosin as insurance.

The orderly withdrawal becomes more of a scramble to see who can find a secure bridge to run across and hole up behind the major river there.

The Chir River has Axis forces on both sides, and 48Pzr which came on in aread G, rushes into the breach in exploit movement phase to Chernyshovskii between the units from 5Tank (8Cav), they destroy the 159th from 5Tank Army in an overrun. D2R2. The Wenk KG performs ably in desperate times!

NE corner of the map the Rum Army stays in supply, but only just!

The Stalingrad area has stablized for the Axis, as the Soviets await fresh forces to punch thru.

In the Axis, are trying to pick off single units as fast as they can as safely as the can in this area.

Stalingrad central

The city is stripped of units as the approaches across the bridges are locked down tight.

Axis forces crush another Soviet unit & use the Advance after combat to re position

The Southern Approach, is reinforced after a D1, and hte primary attackers are DG by Arty.

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