SPII_Redux T8/9

Turn 8

Light Snow



Turn 9



S: 6

Soviets pull back in the South. Make one attack on the Cherkasov bridge. In the North they continue mopping up remnants of Rum 1&2.

First Panzer is killed in a bold 2:1 attack. The Germans continue to cherry pick their attacks and kill 3 steps from the 57th Army. 24th Panzer loses a step on a 6:1.  In the 9th turn I realize the Soviet units around Krasnormeisk have been out of supply! This city is a key location for both sides, at the Southern end of Stalingrad. Huge mistake.

Soviets struggle to find decent odds even at 2:1. They however decide to take ANY attack at 2:1 going forward to press the Germans harder.

7 attacks yield mixed results. 2 NR a d1 and 3 decent kills.

The Germans barrage the daylights out of everything…..and fail.The Breach at Marinkovka is plugged and 1 Tank suffers losses at their hands also. In the South an overrun in exploitation fails to kill the 57th HQ.

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