SPII Redux Turn 1

SPII Turn1 Clear Weather. Air Axis 7 /Soviet 6 Turn one turned out to be a much more ‘traditional turn’ , in that we did not miss any major rules nor did we forget to use Determined Attacks! From Lake  Sarpa in the South, thhru Bektekova, Vertyochii, Kletskaia  and points North the Soviet forces conducted ten attcks  eliminating 15 steps. And losing 2. The Axis armies had a hard time as breakthrough sized holes appeared in the North and were exploited by Reserve movement conducted by 1 guard the 21st Army and  the 57th Army. At start historical:

As we can see from this image above the Soviets had a much better time of it in Turn 1!

24th army starts ut modestly. Primarily intent of keeping Axis forces engaged.

A clear hole in the line.

This run thru we are taking advantage of Reserve markers for the Soviets. The Axis are still able to co-ordinate serious firepower but only one or two hexes at a time. Therefore the Soviet approach has to be to overwhelm the Axis to either force retreat or force riskier attacks. The Axis units are very brittle. Typically one step for armor units. This place a high level of pressure on the Axis player to ensure survival to fight another day.

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