Speedy learning method for games….?

There are times when sitting down with a rule book, designer notes and charts that you really just relax and dig into the thinking process of the designer and appreciate a solid rule book.
Then there are times when you realize that due to external or self imposed constraints (whatever they maybe) that you are not going to be able to experience a certain title unless you just PLAY IT.
In this video I am going to explore the Nike – Just Do It approach to gaming. Eschewing the read, summarize, note, highlight approach. Join me in this little experiment.
Video 1.

3 thoughts on “Speedy learning method for games….?

  1. I took that approach playing and learning Raid on St. Nazaire recently, and reluctant enemies (also played solo). It worked out well for both, although mistakes were made, I left things ‘as played’, and attributed it to the ‘fog of war’

  2. I like it… anything to get more gaming going… I find i research more and buy more than I play… Looking forward to hearing how this goes.

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