Special Limited Edition Pre Order Open Blocks in the Afrika for 5 copies

The private Pre Order link is here !!! A little exclusive for BigBoard readers and a big treat at the bottom of the post!

If you order prior to 5th of October you will own the !10 Euro Limited Edition for 89 Euro under pre order.

1940 Start new

That is for everyone to take advantage of …well the first 100 anyway as there are just 100 Limted Edition copies.

I see that Noble Knight has one of the last Blocks in the West LE copies for sale for $270! Yikes.

What is your Special opportunity?

But wait a ginzu knife offer!!!

The BigBoard has secured 5  Limited Edition copies available direct from VN Games with an additional reduction on the Pre Order price of 10 Euros.

So that would mean your buy price is 79 Euros for the limited (T-shirt included), plus all the goodies you have come to expect from the LE version of the game.

You can read the details here of what is in the box:


Note ALL the rules and details to link the 3 modules for war in Europe from 1939 onwards is in the box!

How do you take advantage of the BigBoard discount?

Your order should look like this:



Place a comment in the order box, “BigBoard”, and they will manually provide you a discount of an additional 10 Euro.

Sweet deal. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to see how she plays!

Hey!! At least say something! ;)