Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn 2]


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Turn 2

Date: 21-22

Reserve Counters: 10 Axis/12 Soviet

Axis 6 Air 2 DAM

Soviet 5 Air 6DAM

Weather Clear


Guards attack

The attacks here below make way for some deeper movement, which stretches the Axis line.

Soviet movement presses deep where it can into the Rumanian forces who have backed up and attempted to disengage.

At the extreme other end of the map force jockey for position and seek a definitive breakthru. Yet major Guards units are lacking for the Soviets. It may be worthwhile diverting the Guard forces form the hills to nearer to S.grad. Near Stalingard forces crowd toward the pontoon and  fresh faces appear to take on the outskirts of Stalingrad.

Barrages kill the 21st KG Lepper is wiped out with a viscious Katy barrage and so to is the Rum. 1 Cav near Srednii.

The 51st NR on a 2:1, the 57th D1’s and the 56th kills the Rumanian 6ths cav.

The 64th powerhouses using a DAM and takes out 2 steps on the road near Krasnoameisk. This is key to encircling and opening the gap around Stalingrad.

The 26Tk destroys 3 steps of the 5th Corp and fights alongside 1Tk to kill 7 Cav.

German Turn 2

Germans continue their staged withdrawal but punch back hard with arty where they can. A planned assault on key units on the pontoons is stymied by poor barrage work. Fires and attack plans are adjusted. This is a blow to the Axis plan.

2Steps are smoked west of K town. Attacks at Perelazovskii eliminate the 29thMotorized. Rum 5 has a rare victory.

12 steps lost for Axis this turn.


End Turn1

End Turn 2

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