Soviet Riposte [CB/GBI] 8th Nov ’41

Nov 8th 1941 Light Mud.

Bottom of the turn the Soviets rail to Rzhev is cut. In order to slow the German advance and protect the Northern flank of Moscow an all out assault is a called for.

The 75% strength German division with low ammo status is almost surrounded as it sits astride the supply line.

A single Battalion keeps it linkage back to HQ. The Soviets must choose to use Supply in the phase from on map sources (the same supply that would fund the attack or seek other methods of Supply for units in and around Rzhev.

They opt for plan B. 2014-05-10 21.54.56 Using some supply in Rzhev for one division, the rest they supply via the horrid tree bark soup. This preserves 4 tokens of supply (4t) to attack.

The Germans must use internal resources and now drop down to Exhausted supply status. The other alternative would have been to rail SP up that way…..but I had maxed out rail cap already!

The attack is supported by an air barrage that costs the Soviets heavily due to flak. The 53rd Cav division Leads the assault, along with motorized infantry and other line units. The fight rages on.

The now halved in defense German Division (DG’d from the air attack), is pounded without mercy.

The result forces a step loss, and 2 hex retreat as the Soviets achieve total surprise and their attack moves up on the columns to deadly territory.

This brings the turn to an end. Nov 12th is Light Freeze in the North , and Mud in the South, with limited Air Ops. The Soviets give the Germans the initiative.

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