Solo wargames do you play them? What is your favorite? [Poll]

Solo Games

Solo Games

Which of the following is your favorite solo wargame to play?

3 thoughts on “Solo wargames do you play them? What is your favorite? [Poll]

  1. I own two solo war games: Raid on St. Nazaire and RAF. I’ve played the former and was rather disappointed. Needs house rules badly. I have yet to play the latter, but I hope it’s going to be better than the former.

    So I can’t say I have a “favorite” yet.

  2. I’ve got several of Victory Games’ State of Siege games. Sure, the opponent is abstract, but that only helps with its programmed moves. And the feeling of crisis when everyone is moving in on you is very well done

  3. I’ve got Ranger from Omega games. It offers you the chance to go on up to 72 Ranger patrol missions as a squad leader or platoon leader in the modern era. Missions range from recce patrols, ambushes, raids, pilot rescue mission and extended patrols where you set up a base camp and run a number of missions. Your objective is to use stealth to avoid contact with the enemy but if you do come across enemy forces you have to make quick and critical decisions to either disengage and evade or use brutal and deadly force to overcome the enemy and get away fast. The game uses an enemy contact level mechanic, which rises the more enemy contact you have as more enemy forces close-in on your often out-numbered patrol of elite rangers. I’m currently running a series of patrol missions in Vietnam, circa 1968. This game gives you a tense gaming experience, with consequences flowing from your pressurised tactical decisions often having to be made ‘on the fly’.

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