So why not Last Chance for Victory but…now this?

2014-05-25 11.54.03

The maps have been perused. The counters sprayed. Information counters punched. Clipped.

2014-05-25 11.54.14


Then why has this been packed up? The rules are clearer and more succinct and less work than the NBS system (its cousin). The components stunning. Map are some of the best I have seen. A new Era of combat at the dawn of the Operational Art of War…..What is not to like?

The problem is lack of historical perspective.  In order to be enthused about a title one has to be grabbed by the topic, and shaken or at the very least stirred to action!

3 weeks the map and counters have sat forlorn on the desk awaiting that magical punching. Know they would be used in earnest.

Instead they sleep in a box.


This old, ragged,scuffed, prophylactically covered game is in the midst of a fiery setup.

2014-06-08 22.28.36

The maps were setup by 0120 this am. Taped, folded, cursed at for their age and deeply creased encased state.

The counters for BAOR arranged this very afternoon.

The Belgians, the British – Hussars, Gloustershire, RTR’s, Armoured Divisions 2,3,4 ready to hit the board.  Doomed Battalions from the 1st Panzergrenadier Division scattered over the Northern reaches.  1st and 2nd Brigade mix with 33rd Pzr Bde, from the 11th PG Division.

2014-06-09 15.10.00


Now onto Fifth Corps and Hof Gap.

2014-06-08 22.26.50


Then friends to the war.

That war that never happened. The war we must never have.

7 thoughts on “So why not Last Chance for Victory but…now this?

  1. Just finished re-reading The Third World War again. Still an interesting piece of literature. Odd reading it now and considering the advances in communications technology since it was written.

    • If you want to do all five you will need to reprint a tonne of counters and use modified rules, as the last two have different rules. Different counter values. That is why I’m playing just the 3.

  2. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. As I’ve said before, you can’t force a game – it has to call to you.

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