So I go to this Gaming Cafe/Tavern

Every Tuesday nite a group gets together to play, most often its blocks like C&C Ancients or Nappy. Perhaps Maria, or one of the simpler American Revolution war games. Usually games that can be finished in a few hours as the Cafe closes the beer taps at 10. 7 of the 30 or so folks war game, the rest do meepley thingies.

Tonight however, much to my surprise there were 3 copies of Waterloo 200 including mine at the store! (The Euro is down to 109 per USD, just saying.)

Three big boxes lying around our little haunt.

Which got a lot of people talking about the game and checking in as 2 of us played. Which makes me very happy for Emanuele   he has worked really hard to create games that he believes are fun, accessible and historically rich in a visually appealing manner.

Good fun. We had to call it at ten the game ended up a draw with the French rapidly approaching the Morale sudden death rule but firmly entrenched in Papolette and Le Haie.

The Prussians had just entered the board. Another great game played out very differently.

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