SITREP #4 : Day H+4 0800 US Turn 3, & Soviet Turn 4

FLASH 0300 DAY H+4

3/3/8/8 confirmed lost in Ruppertenrod.



Enemy advance along route 49 H4-J3 Sectors.


Planned Interdiction mission unavailable due to rain.

2/8 HQ is unable to comply.

Enemy at COPPEL river side North – Is light recon. Engaging.


Soviet Counter Battery Fire upon 1/8 forces disruption to comms.

1/68 engages 3rd Bn 25th Regiment of 27th Mot. Overrun’s positions. Claims 66% casualties to Soviet Bn. (4 step loss inflicted).

2/87 attacks 3/94 inflicting 30% casualties.

E-4 is becoming a charnel house.

In the South 1/27/7 is eliminated by 4/69. A definite line now held along Hex row 13XX to Weithershain- Wetterfeld.

Expecting strong counter attack.


Weather Clear.

Most US forces are at Fatigue level 1 or 2. Any attacks by the Soviets this AM will be costly.

Our aggressive Barrage, Interdiction and Counter Barrage efforts are paying dividends.


FLASH 0900 – Divmain takes a direct hit as does 1/8 HQ. Time to bug out?

[Loss of CSP this turn.]

DIVMAIN and HQ’s target 3/91,1/91 from 27th Mot. and 1/26/ from 7th Tank to ½ engage them via Counter battery fire. All ½ engaged all moving at 50%!

Soviets attacked at Noon. 4 hours of fighting ensue.


1/3/8/8 survives an attack from 1/92/27 from the woods and retreats.

The 4/69th is surrounded by 3 battalions.

Vicious fighting ensues, despite fatigue the men hold off two attacks at great cost. The second attack was not supported by air or arty so Air packages had a devastating effect upon 2/94 which disintegrated. There is one less Soviet Bn to worry about now.

This suggests either low resources or Mobile HQ’s on the move from Soviet forces.

4/69th is now however spent as a fighting force and must remove itself from the line. It is at 30% strength, with enemy units in its rear.

2/87 was attacked by 3/92 Tank. Which aborted after several attempts. 2&3rd 28th Regiment from 7th Guard Tank mauled 3/3/8/8/ out of existence. But they took some BMPs with them. Ruppertenrod has fallen.

New Polls soon.

How grim are things? How well are you doing? You do not really know ? You do know that you have put some serious hurt on several formations and killed at least 3 Bns. You face it appears 2 FULL Divisions. Given the beatings will the Soviets resort to more drastic measures?

INTEL will help next turn. Intel ratings on units are lost when a unit moves more than one hex. The soviets are on the march. The situation remains fluid. Your votes next set of polls will be key.

– On that note I shall attempt to do a better job on the Polls to make them clearer and less confusing. I was short handing a lot of elements. My bad.  GOT EXCITED!!!!


One thought on “SITREP #4 : Day H+4 0800 US Turn 3, & Soviet Turn 4

  1. We seem to have fixed their axes of advance well enough, and they may not have time to change them. The real key is if they can grind the US units up with a serious attack. Are more US reinforcements coming?

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