Side Show [WaW]

Played back in April with Major Bill, fondly know to me as Capt’n Bill…..dont ask. If you are familiar with the WaW series you will know what we are doing here! If not….well hold on.

Life as we know it actually changed on May 14th 1985. Realities split and WWIII started.

Something Dark entered the world and the era of hope, Reaganism, upbeat pop culture ended. The World was at War again. This time, nukes would eventually fly. But not yet. Today is just May 29th.

The Soviet 3rd Marine clings to a small town in Holland at another key bridge in the race to the heartlands of Western Europe. The Dutch forces counter attack bravely and will not succumb to occupation as easily as last time foreign tanks rolled across their lands. This is platoon level combat using formations of units activated on a chit pull mechanism. Fast, Deadly and Fun.

Sideshow from The Untold Stories


The Soviet Invaders Defense:

B34 the Dutch formations have Alpha Numerical designations FYI, this one activates twice.

Dutch move up aggressively.

They Close Assault the town 3 times in (hexes k4 j4 j6). Momentum is heavily in their favor. It did not help that I forgot one of  Soviet Chits. No wonder we missed an activation.

The results of these attacks are rough on the Marines. They are being man handled by soldiers in clogs!  2 hits for which we drop 1 for improved positions, the next attack inflicts  2hits defender, and another retreat

A42 Formation activates twice again!

The Dutch F16 strikes a further blow :I hit.

Soviets back out of town across the river except for one unit that is cut off. Ordered to stand and die, reinforcements are on the way but time is running out!


A42 activates first for the Dutch. Close Assault on the HQ of the 3rd Marine and Mortar attack. The Dutch are powering in. But fate intervenes.  2 end turn markers are pulled from the chit activation cup. Turn ends!


B34 in hex J6scores 2h drop 1 for improved positions. Soviets get 3H! Dutch Retreat.

3rd   Marine Arty misses.


B34 activates  attack j6 2 Hits, drop 1, Suppressed no hits already disrupted. It Retreats.


2 t-80s platoons motor onto the board. Racing to support the beleaguered Marines who now barely hold the Bridge and are situated in the last hex across the bridge. For the Dutch to win they must control the entire town and both sides of the bridge.

A42, move and attack to no effect. The Soviets opportunity fires at l4 disrupts the YP408 unit (vehicle).

Soviets killed in J7. The Dutch have control of one side of the town

B34 fires across the river for no effect at the Marines and oncoming T-80s.

3rd marine shuffles a bit, end turn. I think it is at this point that the game starts to turn. The Dutch after explosive contact and some great rolls, become cautious for some reason.

Is it the sight of the over powering T-80s?

A reluctance to storm the bridge?

Inability to co-ordinate movement in tight surrounds?


Whatever the problem, it gives the Soviets a much needed respite. They manage to get some units into flank supporting positions with lines of fire into and across the bridge.


Soviet Tank Group KG moves + 1 T-80 onboarded. More forces arrive to aid the 3rd Marine.

F-16 hits the tanks suppressing the Platoon.


A42 hits the KG tanks with suppressing and reducing one unit. Activating again the A42 units fire again this time missing  all fires at the burning tanks in Q3.

B34 arty fire no hits.  The turn ends. The monster T-80s approach the Marines and pass by providing now very close support to them, flanking their positions.


3rd Marine, sit tight, rotating the weakest platoon on the the hill above town. This will allow them to rush in as a last ditch effort to hold on if all goes to hell.


Formation KG advances and fires on enemy and Disrupts A/42 unit. The Dutch sit tight on their side of the bridge, firing at the Soviets at range. This is a weapons mismatch!

B34 disrupts several units, but cannot put extra hits on to reduce or destroy the Soviets.

A42 disrupts and reduces infantry in m6.

A Close Assault across the bridge is repulsed by the Dutch. One Infantry unit is killed however.


As a result of the assault the bridge is now blocked by the Marines. Despite being caught in the open this will ensure victory for the Motherland.

3rd marine assaults bridge units and retreats, staying in place. B34 no effect with fires and mortars.

b34 assaults and grabs the bridge.

End turn


B34 activate and cannot make headway.

Dutch concede.

Pretty tight scenario here. Could have gone very differently if the Dutch kept their momentum and luck!


We then went right onto the next scenario, where a massive error on my part and adroit play by Bill wiped the deck and I conceded after just 2 turns. It was a massacre, with his choppers carving up the Canadian and Bundeswher forces!

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