4 thoughts on “Shrink Rip – Heroes of the Coliseum

  1. Kev, was this game even on LnL’s release list? Watching this makes me wonder if they were hoping to cash in on Avalon Hill’s Gladiator and Circus Maximus. Gladiator was one of my earliest game purchases as a 12 year old.

    • It was but down the list. I think with the production snafus, they printed what they could with a ‘new printer’ then migrated back to the back log from the overseas printer. My guess. I dont know for certain. IT was on the list for a while.

  2. Nice initial review, looking forward to how it plays with the kids. I suspect LnL is trying to cash in more on recent TV series like Starz’ Spartacus than with previous games.
    I had taken my eyes off LocknLoad for a while, I didn’t realize until recently that they’ve had a change of command and that Mark Walker is running a gaming magazine now. I learned that after reading about Army of Shadows. Interesting.

    • Mark also has a gaming company with two successfully funded Kickstarters for two games. One Tac Sci fi one WWII Tac. One is his design.

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