Shining Path On sale now from One Small Step

From Brian Train:

SHINING PATH, my game on the “Sendero Luminoso” insurgency against the government of Peru, is now available from One Small Step Games, in folio format.

Getcher copy at .

Nifty map, 140 two-sided die-cut counters, $22.95 not including shipping!

If I find a cheap copy I’ll try and post an AAR.

2 thoughts on “Shining Path On sale now from One Small Step

  1. Shining Path is being mailed today (14 January), so OSS says.
    It will be followed in February by Green Beret.

    The first four folios are my designs, and three of them have been available in the past: Shining Path, Green Beret and Operation Whirlwind.
    What OSS is selling is the same games, though with vastly improved artwork and nice die-cut counters.
    Who knew this was all you needed to get some respect…not me!
    The Kandahar folio game is something new…I had sold a few copies under the “BTR Games” imprint last year.
    It uses a very extensive development of the system used in Shining Path (and in other games of mine: Algeria, Andartes, etc.) and I hope people will find it interesting.

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