Shattered OST Turns 14 thru 7

OST and Panzer have something in common! They both have deadly scenarios situated in and around Brody in the Western reaches of Russia. SEt in the Summer of 41, this scenario pits T-34s, and a KV1 against IV H’s and IIIF’s. Both sides have infantry, and a lot to do  in order to meet their objectives.


We had a miss communication turn 1, one of us used the boundaries for the scenario the other used map edge. Plus we moved twice in our eagerness. We adjusted for that and played on.

The first turn – Turn 14 ended up like so:

End turn 14

end turn14-13_shattered

End Turn 13

The Germans went gently securing two locations and seeking to knock out as many light vehicles as possible with their Superior armoured vehicles prior to the T-34s arrival or the advent of the monster KV-1.


End Turn 12

The Soviets grabbed two vp locations and began moving up for the third.


Turn 10

With the arrival of the T-34s they quickly destroy 3 of the 4 IIIH’s
End Turn 7

Turn 7 the KV-1 is lured south as the Germans bring some light troops and vehicles in, hoping ot draw forces off from the third objective. The German Stuka attack fails to do any damage to the KV -1. The Nazis real from the pounding. Even a Melee into the KV hex fails.

Current VPs:

German 24

Russian 23

With  the tables about to tip massively in the Russian players favor. The Axis have lost 1 IP per turn and the Russkies 2 per turn. The Russians ahve not had more than 12-14 Impulse Points a turn and the Germans have not had less than 12 and more like 15 a turn.

I think it would be interesting to grab a couple of different game systems and play out the scenario on the same map with different systems to see how vehicles, squads and units all work and how the results vary.


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