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Turn 32 June 1, 1862 9:00 am

Confederate. General Hill presses the attack although the Union has a powerful artillery presence. Hill orders three brigades forward to make a ranged attack. He keeps all three brigades at two hexes due to the enemy artillery. All three brigades maintain their morale despite experiencing significant losses. Then Rodes brigade fires at Peck’s troops with little effect. Next, Featherston and Rains combine in an attack against Sickles’ brigade and this inflicts severe damage. Nonetheless, Sickles forces remain in place.

Near Fair Oaks, General Sumner’s Corps orders defensive fire to no avail. Hampton’s Brigade joins in an attack with Hatton. Howard’s Brigade absorbs a loss, but holds its ground. General Richardson is leading from the front and survives the casualty check.

Union. Howard’s Brigade charges forward into contact with Hampton’s Brigade in the woods southwest of the rail station. Howard’s men stand fast amidst defensive fire from both Hampton and Hatton’s brigades. Again General Richardson is risking his life on the front lines. Hampton’s Brigade takes heavy losses, but maintains its defensive position. Then the 2nd Corps Artillery fires at Hatton’s brigade which has more losses. It is already wrecked.

Turn 33 June 1, 1862 9:30 am

Confederate. Longstreet gets his orders as and delays, needing a die roll of 1 or 2 on a d6. Smith is also delaying as he is losing Fair Oaks Station. Meanwhile General Hill continues his attack in the center. His forces are quite depleted, but these are concentrated. Garland and Rains close in against Sickles’ Brigade. The Union artillery and infantry call for defensive fire. Both Garland and Rains take losses, but maintain good morale. Sickles’ Brigade also accepts some losses and falls back shaken.

In the area of Fair Oaks Station, the two sides exchange fire. Hampton’s Brigade is hit by fire from Howard’s Brigade and takes substantial losses. Howard becomes low on ammunition. Additionally, Hatton is hit by 2nd Corps artillery fire. The Confederate troops fire on Howard’s Brigade, which absorbs losses and then becomes disorganized, falling back.

Union. General Sumner continues his attack on Fair Oaks Station. Meagher and French’s Brigades both advance. These face intense defensive fire. The Union infantry takes losses and Meagher is forced to fall back, but he is still within small arms range. Hampton’s Brigade is shaken after taking losses from French’s attack. Hatton’s Brigade also becomes shaken and falls back toward the west.

Both sides exchange ranged fire in the center along the Williamsburg Road. Sickles’ Brigade is forced to retreat after taking heavy casualties. On the rebel side, both Rains and Rodes have stragglers and Rains’ Brigade becomes disorganized and consequently retreats.

Turn 34 June 1, 1862 10:00 am

Confederate. Both Longstreet and Smith continue to delay. D.H. Hill, meanwhile, attacks the Union center. Hampton’s Brigade is nearly wrecked so General Whiting orders it to fall back behind the Hitchcock plantation. In the center, the Union 4th Corps orders defensive fire against Hill’s troops. Rodes’ Brigade suffers some losses.

Union. Meagher’s Brigade advances into Fair Oaks Station. Sumner will now defend until he receives further orders. Since Meagher is within small arms range, the rebels fire at him. The Union troops brave some casualties and then return fire. Law’s brigade becomes shaken but remains in position.

In the center, the 4th Corps continues to defend against Hill’s attacks. Because they are in small arms range the two sides exchange fire. Peck’s Brigade takes a loss, but doesn’t have any success against the rebels. The 4th Corps artillery also fires and inflicts damage to Rodes’ Brigade. The Union artillery is running low on ammunition.

Turn 35 June 1, 1862 10:30 am

Confederate. Hill’s Division is now wrecked from stragglers and he decides to call of the attack in the center. Both Longstreet and Smith continue to delay. So General Hill’s Division pulls back out of fire range. General Johnston has a real mess on his hands. There is no skirmishing.

Union. The Union still holds Seven Pines and now Fair Oaks Station. General Heintzelman would like to attack D.H. Hill’s Division along the Williamsburg Road, but Longstreet has a massive force on the south flank and is supported by General Huger’s Division.

Turn 36 June 1, 1862 11:00 am

Confederate. Both General Smith and Longstreet continue to delay. There is no fire. General Hood and Hampton recover stragglers from their respective brigades. As a result, Hood is no longer wrecked. Over at D.H. Hill’s location, Rodes’ brigade recovers a straggler, which recovers the unit, as well as the wrecked division.

Union. Another of the problems concerning General Heintzelman is the fact the artillery ammunition is becoming rather low. Only seven more points are left, so it will be difficult to sustain an attack. Nonetheless, the 2nd Corps is still in relatively good shape. Heintzelman decides that Sumner should attack and capture the redoubt along the railroad, thus driving the rebels back. If this is successful, then he can turn south and hit Hill’s left flank. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Gorman, Sickles and Peck’s brigades recover stragglers. Heintzelman’s orders will arrive by courier at 2nd Corps HQ at 11:30 am.

Turn 37 June 1, 1862 11:30 am

Confederate. Both commanders, Smith and Longstreet delay. General Johnston is patiently waiting at Bridgewater, for any news from either of them. Huger’s Division is attempting to move around General Longstreet’s position south of the redoubt. The rains have made movement and command control difficult near streams.

Union. The orders to General Sumner arrive but are distorted. So there is no action. This may be fore the best anyway with the artillery supply situation in question.

Turn 38 June 1, 1862 12:00 noon

Confederate. While General Smith continues to delay, General Longstreet, at long last, implements his orders to attack Seven Pines. R.H. Anderson’s Brigade marches in line along the road and into contact with Birney’s Brigade. On Anderson’s right, Pickett’s Brigade advances, but under the cover of the woods. Anderson’s men experience defensive fire and take some losses, but they are not dissuaded. Birney’s Brigade is attacked with ranged fire and it absorbs a loss. General Kearney is on hand to raise their morale. The Confederate forces out of fire range work on gathering stragglers. Law, Featherston, and Rodes recover some of their men.

Union. General Heintzelman reissues his orders for General Sumner to attack with the 2nd Corps. These will now arrive at 12:30 pm. Kearney’s Division continues its fire fight with Longstreet’s Wing. Anderson’s rebels fire first but inflict no damage. Birney’s troops enter a state of bloodlust. Anderson’s men take heavy losses and become disorganized and retreat.

Turn 39 June 1, 1862 12:30 pm

Confederate. On the Left Wing, General Smith delays. His forces are deployed along the Richmond & York Rail road. Longstreet continues his engagement with Kearney’s Division. While Anderson’s Brigade is recovering from disorganization, General Pickett’s Brigade replaces it in the attack. Artillery is hauled through the woods in an attempt to unlimber it in a position with a line of sight. Meanwhile, Kearney’s Division conducts defensive fire. Pickett’s troops bear the weight of the fire and take two losses. Being a high morale unit, it remains in place and issues its own fire against the Union. Birney’s Brigade takes heavy casualties and becomes wrecked. The presence of General Kearney keeps its morale up.

Union. General Heintzelman’s orders arrive distorted for a second time and General Sumner doesn’t know what to do, so he remains in position to defend Fair Oaks Station, from any potential attacks. On the southern flank, Kearney’s 3rd Division continues in contact with Anderson’s Division. Birney’s Brigade receives more losses from rebel fire. Then Pickett’s brigade is hit and it becomes disorganized in retreat. This displaces Wilcox’s Brigade which becomes shaken as a result.

Turn 40 June 1, 1862 1:00 pm

Confederate. General Smith is ready to move and implements his orders to attack Fair Oaks Station. He must be hearing that Longstreet is making a dash for glory at Seven Pines. General Law crosses the railroad to the southern side in an approach toward Meagher’s Brigade at Fair Oaks Station. The US 2nd Corps fires small arms with no effect. Law’s Brigade also fires. Meagher’s Brigade suffers two losses. The Confederate Army artillery fires at the Union guns at Fair Oaks Station and eliminates one gun point.

In the south, General Anderson’s Brigade runs back into position to attack Birney’s Brigade. The Left Wing artillery is moved to the woods just south of the redoubt. Anderson’s Brigade becomes shaken after taking losses from the Union’s defensive fire. Birney’s unit experiences further casualties. Meanwhile, the 3rd Corps Artillery fires on the limbered Right Wing Artillery. The artillery is hit and loses a gun point. It fails its morale check and falls back shaken.

Union. General Heintzelman sends another order to Sumner for the 2nd Corps to counterattack. This will arrive at 1:30 pm. Birney’s Brigade falls back to the artillery on Kearney’s right. His place is taken up by Jameson’s Brigade. Berry shifts to the left. Anderson’s rebels immediately conduct defensive fire. Berry’s Brigade takes a loss. The US 3rd Division fires at Anderson’s position. Anderson’s Brigade suffers two losses, becomes shaken and retreats.

At Fair Oaks Station, the battle continues. General Smith orders the Left Wing artillery to attack the US 2nd Corps Artillery. The Union guns are hit and lose another point. There is no further effect from rebel fire here. Then Meagher’s Brigade joins with the corps artillery in an attack against Law’s Brigade. Law takes three losses.

Turn 41 June 1, 1862 1:30 pm

Confederate. General Smith resumes his attack against Fair Oaks Station. Meagher and the 2nd Corps Artillery fire back at Law’s Brigade. The Confederate troops become disorganized and retreat. Smith orders the Left Wing Artillery to issue counter-battery fire but this misses.

In the south, General Longstreet’s attack continues despite the set backs. Huger’s Division continues to traverse the dense woods. General Pickett’s Brigade reenters the Union’s fire zone. The Union opens up fire and inflicts two more losses on Pickett’s troops. The Confederates fire back but to no avail. The Union 2nd Corps fires its cannon at the Right Wing artillery which is still attempting to unlimber on Longstreet’s left. These become shaken after a morale check.

Union. General Sumner receives orders from Army HQ to counterattack. He delays needing a die roll of 1 or 2. The southern flank is still fully engaged. Patterson advances into small arms range of the rebel artillery. Pickett and Anderson direct defensive fire at Patterson’s Brigade to protect the wing’s guns, but this has no effect, other than to save Kearney’s Division from fire. Consequently, Pickett’s Brigade suffers two losses. Patterson fires at the limbered guns but this has no effect.

Turn 42 June 1, 1862 2:00 pm

Confederate. Longstreet’s Right Wing Battery unlimbers and is fired upon by Patterson’s Brigade. This has no effect. Huger’s Division moves to the edge of the woods. The Union defenses place fire into Longstreet’s position. Pickett’s Brigade absorbs two losses and becomes wrecked. Wilcox’s Brigade also receives two losses. Then Longstreet resumes the attack. Berry’s Brigade suffers two more losses. Pickett’s fire at Jameson’s unit has no effect. Then Huger’s Division joins with the artillery and fires at Patterson’s Brigade, which consequently takes two losses.

At Fair Oaks Station, Smith’ s Left Wing artillery fires at the 2nd Corps Artillery. The Union loses another gun point at the railroad station. The Union morale soars as the forces become blood-lusted.

Union. General Sumner continues to prepare for his counterattack amid the firefight at Fair Oaks Station. Patterson’s Brigade falls back away from the rebel artillery in the south. Longstreet’s Right Wing issues defensive fire. Berry’s Brigade takes two losses and becomes wrecked. This also wrecks Kearney’s Division. Pickett’s fire on Jameson’s Brigade has no effect other than to incite the Union forces. Then the Right Wing Artillery fires at the 3rd Corps artillery. The Union loses a gun point but worse, the force routs. The artillery unit limbers and retreats.

Kearney’s Division still maintains its defense and fires on Anderson’s Division. As a result, Wilcox’s Brigade takes a loss and becomes disorganized, retreating. Pickett’s brigade also suffers a loss and becomes shaken, and retreats.

Turn 43 June 1, 1862 2:30 pm

Confederate. At Fair Oaks Station, General Law moves forward and faces defensive fire from the 2nd Corps. Meagher’s Brigade is joined by the corps artillery. Law’s Brigade takes five ! losses as he routs. Ouch. The Left Wing artillery bombards the Fair Oaks position and Meagher’s Brigade suffers one loss and is shaken. It doesn’t retreat due to the artillery battery positioned with it.

Over at Seven Pines, the US 3rd Corps conducts defensive fire against Longstreet’s forces. Berry’s Brigade fires on Pryor’s unit, which takes two losses an becomes shaken. Both Jameson and Grover issue fire against Huger’s Division coming at them from the right. Blanchard’s Brigade is hit and suffers two losses. Blanchard fires back at Grover’s unit, which has one loss and becomes shaken. Pryor’s Brigade also fires at Berry’s unit and it takes two looses; becoming disorganized it retreats.

Union. At Fair Oaks, General Sumner delays. There is not much fighting there. The Army artillery on the left fires at Meagher’s Brigade at Fair Oaks. This has no effect as Meagher passes the morale check again. The 2nd Corps artillery fires at the rebel artillery, This takes out one gun point and leaves Whiting’s position shaken. The Union only has one ammo point left to fire artillery.

In the South at Seven Pines, Pryor’s Brigade fires defensive rounds and hits Jameson’s brigade, which takes two losses. The Union troops become disorganized and fall back. Then Blanchard’s Brigade orders defensive fire against Grover. This is ineffective. Blanchard becomes the focus of the Union 3rd Corps and takes two losses and is shaken. Birney’s Brigade rallies and is no longer routing, but it remains disorganized.

Turn 44 June 1, 1862 3:00 pm

Confederate. General Longstreet rolls a corps attack stoppage. Thus Anderson’s Division pulls back from Seven Pines. Huger’s Division however, continues to attack at Seven Pines. Smith is becoming more conservative in his attacks at Fair Oaks Station. Pettigrew’s brigade advances and faces the 2nd Corps defensive fire. The Union uses its last artillery ammo point. Pettigrew suffers two losses. Then during the Confederate fire, Meagher’s Brigade takes a straggler loss, but maintains morale.

At Seven Pines, Huger continues to attack. Armistead’s Brigade leads the way and faces defensive fire from three Union brigades. Armistead becomes shaken after absorbing two losses. Grover’s Brigade is forced to retreat, disorganized after Armistead’s fire. Then the artillery fires at Jameson, who fails a morale check and falls back disorganized.

Near Fair Oaks at Smith’s HQ, Law’s Brigade recovers from its rout and becomes disorganized. Anderson’s brigade recovers some of its stragglers.

Union. General Sumner implements his orders to attack the Confederate Left Wing. He has some reservations about this though. Both Sedgwick and Richardson’s Division begin to advance. They will find out how strong the rebels are on the left. Smith’s artillery fires at Meagher’s Brigade at Fair Oaks Station to no effect. (Meagher passes the morale check). The Union fires at Pettigrew’s Brigade. The 2nd Corps artillery is firing at half strength due to ammunition shortages. Pettigrew endures two loses and then two straggler losses and finally he routs, losing more men to stragglers. This breaks the brigade and Whiting’s Division becomes wrecked. Sumner is smiling.

On the Union left at Seven Pines, there is not much happening. Huger’s Division continues to attack so the 3rd Corps gives it some attention. Armistead orders defensive fire against Devens’ Brigade, and it becomes disordered and subsequently retreats, displacing Abercrombie’s Brigade. The 3rd Corps doesn’t get any fire off.

Turn 45 June 1, 1862 3:30 pm

Confederate. With the serious set backs, one might expect General Smith to issue a corps stoppage. Nope. He presses on. The Confederate player contemplates an emergency retreat, but decides to stick it out another round. Meagher’s Brigade fires on Hampton’s unit as it advances. Hampton takes two losses but hold its morale. The Union’s sporadic artillery fire is still having some effects. Meagher fails his morale check and becomes shaken, but the artillery with him saves his unit from retreat from Fair Oaks Station. The Left Wing uses its artillery against the 2nd Corps Artillery, which consequently loses a gun point. Pettigrew’s Brigade recovers from its rout.

At Seven Pines, Huger’s Division continues to attack. Huger orders the artillery to fire but this has limited effect. Armistead’s Brigade is hit as it moves within small arms range. Even low on artillery ammo, the 4th Corps defensive fire continues to inflict casualties on Armistead’s unit. Armistead’s Brigade hits Peck’s troops and they take a loss and become disordered. These do not retreat due to the strong corps artillery deployed with them.

Union. General Sumner continues the counterattack west of Fair Oaks Station. Richardson’s Division runs into rebel fire. Meagher’s Brigade suffers another loss, but holds Fair Oaks Station. The Army artillery fires at the 2nd Corps artillery with no effect. The Confederates are also running low on ammo, having only 10 ammo points left. Hampton’s Brigade has more losses. Then 2nd Corps artillery finds Law’s Brigade and knocks two more losses out of it. The rebel unit becomes shaken, but doesn’t retreat due to the army artillery battery with it. Near the center, Armistead’s brigade takes another loss as it tangles with the 4th Corps artillery.

Turn 46 June 1, 1862 4:00 pm

Confederate. This time Smith calls for the Left Wing to stop the attack. He is still able to establish a fairly strong defensive position in the woods to the west of Fair Oaks Station. On the Confederate right, General Huger’s Division focuses on the Union position at Seven Pines. Here he meets with some enemy defensive fire. Armistead’s Brigade is driven back shaken. Huger uses the Army artillery battery to fire on Kearney’s position. This has absolutely no effect whatsoever. Some stragglers are recovered.

Union. General Sumner’s Corps continues to advance along the Richmond & York railroad. The rebels’ Left Wing artillery fires at the 2nd Corps battery with no effect. The 2nd Corps artillery returns fire and misses. The rebels pass their morale check.

At Seven Pines, Huger orders the Army battery to fire on Kearney’s position. Jameson’s brigade fails a morale check and becomes shake and falls back from Seven Pines. The 4th Corps artillery returns fire with no effect.

Turn 47-55 June 1, 1862 4:30- 8:00 pm

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