Setup Leros [p2] British Company Zones/OpSheets

For those of you just joining us we are playing a historical simulation of the Invasion of Leros by the Germans in 1943.  As a reader and participant we vote on the situation presented each week or so, and I will recap the situation share the story so far, you make the call! Attack, Retreat, Defend, Surrender, Go this way or that!

At the bottom of each post should be a list of past posts for you to catch up on if desired.  OR simple search the blog for Leros tags.

Ok, In this post the locations of each Company is listed for setup. The poll is a simple affirmation that the general area is preferred.  The poll is at the end of this post..

If you answer no to the poll please submit a comment here to list your alternate location preference if any.

General nay saying and snippyness is encouraged..sigh..:)

I will evenly distribute MGs. The Bofors will be sighted in and around hill tops. Large cannon with largest field of fire and support of key objectives. Kings will likely receive the bulk of Bn forces.

We will be employing this as best as possible as previously shared.  Note one modification to the Scenario I am sorely tempted to add all of Kents Own versus just the 1 company. So you may have more forces at your disposal!

The British model for Tac Manouver –

G: Ground – what does the dirt look like?

S: Situation – For this mission you are on a sticky wicket.

M: Mission – Defend the  Leros Island.
E: Execution – How will you do the Mission? Here we break things down
a bit and it will become E by Battalion.
*Commanders Intent: WHAT are you DOING?
*Scheme of maneouvre HOW the unit does it ?
*Main Effort WHERE is it to be done?
*Mission statements for sub units
*Actions (read plan B, if then else thinking)

-Then a summary

A: Admin and logistics

C: Command

Plan Element 24th Inf Bgd MISSION: Defend Leros
2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers    
G hilltop Germano Rachi Ridge  Quaranta NE to coastline,from RR/West of Leros
S Prepared Defense PD PD PD PD
M above
Commd. Intent All companies Dig in, hold positions. Be prepared to counterattack (C.A.) once landings starts > > >
Man. Reserve for C.A Atk
Where. Beachheads Beachheads Beachheads Beachheads
Actions. Fail: Mt Mera. Fail: Mt Mera. Fail: Mt Mera. Fail: Mt Mera.




2 Queen’s Own Royal West Kents
30.14-37.14 Portolago 30.14-37.14 30.14-37.14
Reserve hold with LOS of piers Support Piers Hold area
30.14-37.14 city 30.14-37.14 30.14-37.15
Fail: Rachi Ridge Fail: Rachi Ridge Fail: Rachi Ridge Fail: Rachi Ridge

Kents,  after missing hte vital last word on the line I realize that all Kents are available, they ship in via minesweeper etc. I thought they did not participate.

Kents + see image above for hex locations

Kings have the challenge of a spread area with little supporting opportunities. My Meraviglia will provide a back drop for Arty support, the Town of Leros and Castle will receive some extra mgs. The Pier also needs to be held and as such has a full company to cover it. Compamy A will cover the Mt, and have Arty assigned to it.  A weight of extra battalion resources are likely to go to Kings:

Kings Own
 Mt.Meraviglia Leros, & Castle Point Pier
Prepare for counter attack Leros Point Pier
Ops Image Ops Image Ops Image Ops Image
Fail:Rachi R. Mt.M. Mt.M. Mt.M.


Buffs Defend Clidi Ridge. They will likely have the least support and will rely on terrain to hold off the Germans. The optional Greek units will also be added to this Op Sheet.

MapC West Clidi-central East Hills on Beach
hold Prepare to Support Irish hold Prepare to Support Irish
Ops Image Ops Image Ops Image Ops Image
Fail: Germano Fail: Germano Fail: Germano Fail: Germano

Buffs & Greeks


What can we say. The Situation for these guys is bleak. But here they are.

1-1 will defend the pier, 3-1 the hills above it and 2-1 the township of Portalago.

10 Battalion
1-st 2-1st 3-1st
Piers Portalago Hills
try not to run away
Ops Image Ops Image Ops Image
Fail: Surrender

Set Up zones:

POLL: search under Leros

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