Semper FI [Narrative]

The story so far….

We had a number of false starts. Especially in regards to actual scenario rules and interpretation. Thanks to all those who chipped in to resolve, Lee, Rick, Ethan, Lehr and others.

After a reset Lt Monk and A/B Companies headed into the fray to be ambushed again. This time however I elected to use the original NK forces – just 3 platoons and a handful of MG units.

I did this a: so I can get thru a full scenario quicker and find problems with my play b: after seeing the first ambush I didn’t think the NK was going to need 6 platoons!


This time the crafty NK setup closer to the road and was determined to get a good first shot off.

The USMC adjusted their entry putting most mortars in the rear.

The ambush struck on a OW action right at the bridge that crosses over the paddies heading into Changchon.

The NK end up with a +9 shift:

+4 for crossfire(no crossfire for OW, but NK would get 2 OW fires when crossing the bridge.) +2 for road +1 for range +2 for open. With 21 factors.(UGHGHGHG-Overwatch is for one stack on units, not combined like an SFA..I knew that) 9 factors…rolls a 64….thanks for coming! 8 steps. 4 steps. The platoon is eviscerated. That’s a 5 step unit: The NK is 1/2 way to a minor victory.
Good news is we have 1 step left, he is gunna sit tight, and flip to fire.

Well Lt Monk swings into action!

Units dive for cover, the mortars in the rear move off the road and stack, the tanks pull up. The 2nd platoon from Able tries to get off the road but is suppressed. Some MG’s make it to the buildings in Foksan don…well huts really.

One mortar unit stays on the road at range and pops smoke for the Marines.
New turn:

Good shoot result

Monk calls in arty fire this turn, and a sortie. its 1420. He uses Fast Fire and consumes 3 HE ammo. He has 9 left. Battery counter is a good shoot, strength 12 x 4. 48- Paralysis sets in for the bad guys. (why 4 arty counters? Dont I just need the battery coounter?)

I like this shit!

The sortie is deadly. NK lose 5 steps….hmmm ok. Now that was cool.

NK has init but sits tight waiting for OW’s and units to get in range.

USMC take some more OW fire, one Marine SYRs into cover. More smoke is sent to the NK.

Meanwhile Bravo company has come in thru the swamp and is headed towards Changchon. They go up 1 contour and BOTH stacks become suppressed on morale rolls..sigh. (pic shows paralyzed, I did the calc wrong but caught it)

The tanks now sit in front of the village and are ready to pound some lead into the NK on the hill.

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