Sea Kings.

Worthington Games, Sea Kings.

I applaud the effort here but guys….guys…… Nice vid, some middling stretch goals, and unfortunately unimaginitive buying options.

This is likely going to be taken the wrong way, the map, pieces and overall production are not visually appealing, nor very engaging. It looks cheap. If this is meant to capture the imagination of younger, simpler playing gamers it fails that test.

You can check the link here to order:

Looking at the price its basically a $45 game with $10 for shipping so $55.  The components are really very basic. So is the map. I would imagine this ‘pre sale’ should be at $25+ Shipping.

A few pages of rules, a basic map and bulk purchased meeples.


So I imagine the game play should be superb, that would likely explain the premium asking price for this set of elements?

I’ve watched the vid, a great basic game for the family I would say.

Which all makes me wonder why they need such a large capital raise and have funding stretch goals that are way out of line with what is on offer.

I’m obviously missing something here.

Well share this with your Hammer of the Scots friends, your Euro gamer who might want to try something like this if they saw this TV show:

Which according to the papers “(…) relies on the inherent appeal of the era and these characters to drive the story.”[20] Nancy DeWolf Smith of the Wall Street Journal noted the “natural and authentic” setting and costumes, and appreciated that Vikings was (unlike, e.g., Spartacus) not a celebration of sex and violence, but “a study of character, stamina, power and (…) of social, emotional and even intellectual awakening” Indeed.

But despite the promo video being liberally laced with ‘viking’ stills you won’t be getting much of that now will you?

This is dead center pitched at young gamers, for simple shorter basic gaming. I think it would appeal to that audience if the components were ‘richer’, failing that it has to fall back on amazing game play.

Best of luck, but I don’t think this one will make the fund raise, they can always re try at $6k and then add some better upgrades to lock in profit.

Lets follow and see what happens.



4 thoughts on “Sea Kings.

  1. Worthington’s my favorite game company, but I am passing on this as I did about the Scotland Rising game. The topics have not been very interesting to me. They knocked it out of the park with New York 1776 and Hold Fast, but they stalled there.

    • I dont see me playing HF. But I was interested in this title. Seems like a bit of a money grab. I’ll be impressed if they make the cut. That said its already done and off to the printers. So not sure what the point it is.

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