TIME 1600 H+4 From V Corps Command To: DIVMAIN

CC: DIVTAC Tactical Report DIVMAIN 8th Division:

The soviet pressure in your sector has eased. Scouting reports from 2/8 and 1/8 suggest that your interdiction efforts and defensive counter attacks have blunted the fighting force of the Soviets. This may well press them to extreme measures. Scouts from 2/87 and 1/39, report heightened activity in their sectors. This suggests that the Soviets are preparing for hasty/deliberate attacks along these axes.


3/8 Status Flash:

Due to them being idle for more than 4 hours they were spotted via Signals recon, heavy air and signal attacks have since caused problems for 3/8 over the last 4 hours.

3/8 Brigade is ready to respond but Soviet interdiction is going to hamper their movement in sector J2. 4/69th Bn has been surrounded by weakened elements from 94th regiment. Their assault proved inconclusive, but at a cost. 4/69th is now at F1, and 40% strength. If they fail, back roads through Rabenau lead directly to Giessen.

1/68th Bn is dug in well in the Marburg Nord holding the road, 7th Guard tank may approach in the next 4 hours.

DIVMAIN: Threat assessment: 3/8 must support the fight now!

Our Intel suggest the enemy is fragile, and we must pre empt the use of WMD. Suggested course of action:   Question 1:

Plan A is attack and move according to the Blue lines above [click thru for zoom].

Plan B is do nothing and hold.

Your C choice is to Position the units discretely along the axes of advance and await an attack from the Soviets.

Question 3 Plan A or B or C?

Preventing the Redline advance is a priority.

Secondary objective remains to relieve 4/69th Bn.

Operation reminder:

Your mission remains to prevent exit of Soviet forces.     Strategic Overview:

H+4 [Hostilities Commenced +4 Days]

Over the past 24 hours the Soviet forces have been surging in the Northern Plains, as their efforts switch focus to exploit weaknesses. The Fulda Gap thanks to your efforts while stretched is under no threat of break thru under conventional means.

Major General Zeller you are commended for your efforts to date.

In the coming 24 hours we expect Soviets to ratchet up their efforts in your area to prevent our reinforcement of the Northern Plains.

Sadly we think you should expect strategic use of mass destruction weapons.

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