Scenario 15 from Panzer –Turning the Tide

The Soviets are on the offense. They must take the town! Some pre plotted arty is available.  They have to cross at one a few key locations!

The Germans must defend the  town and prevent the Soviet advance.

Where will the Soviets strike?

What will their strategy be?

4 crossings exist. Are fire lanes possible for the approaches to enable cross fire or intense fire against the Soviets? Which of the crossings are not viable?

Some potential Fire Lanes, using the hillocks and cover:

Where can the Soviets fire at the Germans assuming the Germans are set back across the river?

Setting up the Germans forward may provide opportunities for early open kills but those forces will be frittered quickly, by the weight of the Soviet attack.

Where will the Soviet Arty fall? Where should the Germans try and pre plot arty? It would be ideal to catch enemy foot forces in the open.

Lots to think about in a simple scenario.

I’m hoping to resume this at some point!

2 thoughts on “Scenario 15 from Panzer –Turning the Tide

  1. Yay Panzer! It’s a great system, especially with the first expansion. The infantry rules are fantastic. Infantry hunkers down with AT and you gotta smoke and mortar them out.

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