SAGA first play session part 2

2015-03-19 20.32.34

Forces bunch in the center and the Anglos leader dithers! After being forced off the center hill the men lick their wounds. now just levy troops stand in the way of a whitewash.2015-03-19 20.33.38Taking matters into his own hands the Anglo leader charges the Vikings and knocks them off of the Right Wing hilltop! Yes!
2015-03-19 20.46.56

Take that scum!

2015-03-19 20.55.11


The Levies clear out the rest of the center.

2015-03-19 21.04.52

With things looking up the Left finally crashes into the woods, hoping to score some points and reduce the point accumulation of the Vikings there.

2015-03-19 21.04.59

But are bounced back and take significant losses.  The Viking leader leaves the hilltop to engage the Anglo Left. This costs VP accumulation [Viking player thought it was last turn! But 2 remain!]

2015-03-19 21.10.54

The Levy and scrappy fighters take the center picking up  points! The LEft stays in contact with the Warlord, not allowing him to disengage.

The Anglo points rack up for two turns and the Viking leader gracefully does not use the Loki spell to elim a reduced unit (the VP count would have not made a difference in any case) Done and Fun!2015-03-19 21.23.42

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