SAGA first play session part 1

Coincidentally I had a last minute drop in session of SAGA last nite.
This was helpful imagining what is going on with the Shields & Swords game from Tom Russell.
2015-03-19 18.51.52I played the Anglo Saxons and took on the Vikings we each had six ‘formations’

2015-03-19 19.41.18


Both sides grab some king of the hill early VP’s [ vps scored per stand on the terrain]

On the right we force the Vikings back [yes they look like Orcs, cause they are]

2015-03-19 19.45.50

We control the right, the Vikings the left.

2015-03-19 19.54.59


In the center the enemy bounces us off the hill and we take losses. The game relies on the antics tied to the battle board. So picking the right functions or special features of your race based upon what you want to do this turn and to respond to what the enemy does in his phase is key.

Generally each ability gives you a sliding scale of more dice for attack or defense, or unique benefits for leaders, or other specific unit types. These are generated by rolling a # of dice equal to your command rating and # of formations.


2015-03-19 20.05.45


Center and left field are left in the hands of the Vikings who start to rack up vps [leaders garner 3 vp per turn on a VP location]


2015-03-19 20.23.31


On the right the Viking rush the hill again and close to combat, foregoing the sharing option where we can both accrue VPs, rather they fight and are unceremoniously bounced back.

Below end turn and the situation looks dire. With just Levies in the center the AS faction is hard pressed and needs to catch up on vp’s.

2015-03-19 20.32.34


More soon!

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