2 thoughts on “Rumblings and rumination on Pacific War

  1. I wish all gamers were reasonable humans like yourself, but you would not believe the level of questions that I get asked by folks. If I do not say the obvious stuff, I have to answer rules questions about it endlessly. It is how the wargaming tribe has evolved. As an old friend used to say, “it is what it is.”

    I hope you are enjoying the game.


  2. Thats awesome. You clearly were not using the full rule set. The game move/combat mechanics are basic. Its the repetition, the scattering of rule bytes all over that confuse. The Operational game and command points are not able to be explained in 10 minutes, their are rules that contradict, and rules that dont seem to work.
    That said we both enjoyed. Now I could be wrong you might be MENSA, I might be a moron, but your average Joe Wargamer ain’t grok’n this in 10 minutes. I’ve played enough complex systems to know that for a fact.

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