Rule wording that sucks the life outta ya!

2013-12-20 13.45.19

Guess this magazine game title or publisher! 5 Geek Gold for the first correct answer.


10 thoughts on “Rule wording that sucks the life outta ya!

  1. I’ll tell ya what pisses me off: the use of “MA”. Enough with the acronyms! Use the few that are understood by all: ZOC, CRT. MA probably means “Movement Allowance” but use your “find/replace” command and get rid of it. I hate acronyms!

  2. I believe the fault lies with the proofreader of the rules. You have to look at the rules as if a person new to wargaming is reading them. Keep it simple and basic. You and the game’s designer need to compromise on getting the game’s major ideas across, yet saying it in the simplest form. Lots of examples may need to be used. Remember trying to put a gas grill together, the instructions said that “a five year old” could do it. Trouble was – there wasn’t a five year old around when I needed one!

    • It is interesting that mention this. Since this magazine prided itself (from what I know) on presenting the titles in a manner that was ‘engaging’ to the novice.
      Then crud like this popped out. This was ISSUE #1.

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