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 A nice little package

Pop the above link to Mark Walkers latest blog post. Well worth checking out.

If you thought that Mark Walker could not get any more adorably ardent about his characters, WWIII military action, the Supernatural and gaming….well you were wrong.

Building on Revelation and its cross over Military action that combines M1’s, Werewolves and smoking hot Vampires seamlessly Walker has now got a Kickstarter going for his newest book that follows on which ties nicely to an RPG [no not an shoulder fired Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, rather a Role Playing Game!] .

Characters each have five attributes. Gamers are given eight “dice” to assign to these attributes; 4 x D4, 2 x D6, 2 x 2D8. No more than two dice may be assigned per attribute. These are the dice that are rolled when that attribute is tested. Any roll of 4 or higher is a success. For example, if your character is firing an AK-47 at a distant enemy she would roll her Agility dice (Let’s assume they are 1D4 and 1D6). She rolls 3 and 5. She would score one hit and inflict damage equal to the weapon’s Stopping Power. Yes, there are other variables such as range, inherent weapon capabilities, and cover. All this firing and damaging takes place on a somewhat, but not totally, abstract 21-space grid. So, range matters, flanking matters, terrain matters, but the system won’t scare off folks with a number phobia.

…sic…”The two scenarios included in the initial game parallel the novel. Players have numerous and important choices, but the Dark War RPG isn’t a sandbox. The choices are limited by the areas available. For example, in the first scenario the players begin in a large tent in the POW compound in Aurich. In the background, they can hear the firefight initiated by Katarina’s attempt to break Mike Hudson out of the camp. ”

So you get dropped right in it!

There are various pledge levels and cool art to be included or bought separately.

So if you were ever curious about this cross over genre, and wanted to read the back story, try the game and get infected with the concept…I mean exposed to the concepts! Then this is a low cost fun way to do it.

Link here to KS

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