Round 2 A Few Good Tanks 1115 Contact!

So What are the options for this attack by the 243 MRR? Which will receive T-80 Regiment and another full regiment as a follow up? Plus WMD options at some point? The formation has 7 hours to conduct the attack. [Annoyingly the setup wont allow you to move a unit twice.. Seriously…WTH. Hence units stuck in obscure places]

The formation has numerous options and three disparate objectives. The Soviet objective boils down to taking both sides of the Ridge above and securing the town just out of frame. Route Red provides a mostly covered approach subject to where the defender is. From prior plays I know Devin likes to defend forward so he will have M1’s pushed up somewhere…but where? So cover is good! We need to use that cover!

Similarly Route Blue offers a covered approach. But runs the risk of hitting a lot of tanks as the highway is so close. IF the area is defend by Infantry then it’s a different story.

Route Green is a bold stroke move and might be an optional play subject to how well the original plan goes. The US wont leave the city route open and will likely have some defenders somewhere down there. IF he knows what he is doing..and I think he does!

The 243rd will take Route Red. It seems the smartest choice.

They will scout the enemy positions and attempt to assess where they are and adjust from there. Route Red means dropping a bridge. Which might or might not surprise the US forces! Positioning in and around the village of Olderup until the reinforcements show up, gives us a solid staging position as long as we stay out of sight. If the attack on the Northern ridge goes well i.e. it is in Soviet hands or contested then the secondary force can look at Route Blue or Even Green to push for the Village. Assuming he does indeed defend forward the Village might be sparsely protect.

1100 AM

Here the Soviets go! Immediate contact!

At least 4 platoons of M1’s open up on the AT unit used as a recon unit! It is wiped out in about 3 minutes!

At 1145 we will put suppressing fire from our arty on these guys! Meanwhile the 243rd lumbers over the man made bridge and begins to seek cover. The other aspect to the plan is command range. The HQ has got to keep in touch with its subordinate HQ units. This will limit far ranging efforts and sneaky plans!





Lets see what happens as the game progresses.

28-27-arrival-1200 1206sov


If you were to dig around the mostly useless Facebook page you would find a rant about Arty and Line of Sight. I think Devin and I agreed that between those two flaws the scenarios need some re balancing. If I get time I’ll post the balance of the shots and the scenario.

We called it pretty quickly, just as we did when I played the US. I have no problem with Arty taking out infantry and maybe some BTR’s but standard HE aint killing 40-50 % of a formation especially AFV’s on the spreads.

Still a fun game if you set the LOS woes and Arty  aside and play solo. Not much fun here opposed unless you play twice and see who gets best score as US.

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