Erigon Valley p1 [Rise of Macedon]

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Forces arrayed.

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Macedon versus Illyria

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Opening moves

Macedon advances their skirmisher units to cover the flanks from the Illyrian Light Cavalry and fend off enemy skirmishers, of which both advance seeking to counter and flank.

The Macedonian Left Wing really has a solid refused formation of Light Infantry, and its numbers overwhelm their opponent, they move forward, pushing back the lone skirmishers with a volley of Javelins .

Grabis moves forward to attack with one of his lightly armed infantry forces, seeking mortal combat. They attack fiercely inflicting heavy losses and break up the formation. (3 cohesion hits and a retreat), his other men do likewise with a similar result (2CH and a R), seeking to work that momentum, Grabo tries to attack again, but his men fail to follow thru for now.

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Parmenion, seeing the early disarray elects to march forward with the Hoplites newly armed formations. The Sarissa gleam in the light, all the enemies units either retreat prior to combat or as in one case are trampled under foot.

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Clitus advances.

Bardylis’s Hoplites engage the Sarissa laden Phalanxs of Phillip, managing to inflict some damage! Phillip counters heavily.

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The Heavy Cavalry or Companions as they are known power into Clitus’s men, joining in a coordinated attack with the Hypaspist, who are heavily armed as well, they make short work of Clitus and his men.

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Phillip carries his men forward riding a wave of momentum (2 activations). Feeling Bold in the beginning of Turn 2, Phillip orders his men forward to attack the flanks of the Illyrian Hoplites.

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The Macedonian forces are slicing thru the Illyrians. Who have amassed 23 Rout Points of a total permissible 40.

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