Robbed?…No! Change is good!

2015-04-30 20.33.09


So I ran out of room. That and the combination of a new contract for my work, freed my mind to re arrange the office in preparation for the gig, and add some shelving to solve the chronic overflow for games, as well as allow better visibility to more of the kit on one location.

The dark closet is now home to just clusters of rule books ( OCS, TCS, SCS rule books)  magazines, doubles of games for trade and pseudo collectibles in shrink.

So everything came off the shelves. I am still pondering how to arrange items, whether by Era as I have been, type (gathering all those tactical games), by conflict.  How do you sort your games?

I see a lot of folks arrange by publisher and series too. Not sur eI care to do it that way.

2015-04-30 23.42.34

I will be keeping the top shelf on the right for a while at least as the ‘next up’ and planned to play. The long top of the book case adds some needed space to lay rule books out that I am reading and reviewing for VASSAL play and clears my desk for work! The final benefit is in my little war room the ceiling mounted shelf now has lots of room! Safe until 2016 at least 😉

Some new extended cables this week end will move the old monitor around to the front of my desk ASAP!

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