Road to Victory

2015-08-29 23.42.53

Combat Example.

2015-08-29 23.42.32

Elite units elect to use their ‘skill’. The Axis do not elect to use Exploit tho they could with 4 Armoured Divisions.2015-08-29 23.42.38‘tactical results’ in the same color band earned by Elite units provide a choice for the attacker. Here we choose to kill a further step versus have an exploit phase for 2 divisions.

2015-08-30 00.31.57Final Position.

Details in the Video:



3 thoughts on “Road to Victory

  1. I don’t think the Elite bonus can change the attrition result. It can only be used to adjust the Tactical result within the color band. So you can keep the original attrition result and adjust the E result.

  2. Disregard. I watched the video and I see you were choosing between the D1 an E results. I’m a douche. We should play this in an evening at Game On. Carry on!

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