5 thoughts on “Road to Cheren Intro.

  1. Counters are tough, Kev. An American printer quoted us $7.65 per sheet for a print run of 500. That is an actual quote. Now there are ways to reduce that, but it is why we went with a professional print on demand supplier (the largest in the country) for Yaah! and why we are forced to go with China to get the quality we need in Flying Pig Games boxed games.

  2. oh.. Glad they are great guys. That is cool. But let me understand.
    Two great guys, istting around doing what designers do…You have a few brews, sit around and say

    ” Well Bob we should step out there, mark a mark, get noticed, start a new wave in the Grognard WORLD MAN!!! Whit I got it!! Remember in the 80’s when EVERYONE laminated their maps?

    “Jack, you yeah man I totally remember that…. that was some crazy shit…WOW….Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    “dude TOTALLY let’s fucking do it.”

    Jack says “well we should get some print samples first and then check to see how they play, cause you know…counters are not like a laminated map”

    Bob “Screw that, PRINT IT MOFO,.. Bitches will love this shit.”

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