Road to Cheren 1941

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Road to Cheren

A not often gamed or written about part of WWII.

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Eastern Afrika, had most of the combats receiving the short end of the equipment stick. Which can often make for an interest and innovative use of tactics. If the leadership was up to it!

Kim Kanger clocks in just 8 pages of rules with Designer notes. This feels more like a magazine game in size of map, number of counters and rules booklet. The map is tastefully done. The counter fonts are clear, and use NATO symbols. Setup data on them, # of stacking points they use and..wait… WTF. Shiny.. I mean laminated. Laminated I hear you say. Yep. After punching I am sorry to report that these skinny counters stick to your fingers as you brush past them or place them down. Hanging onto your skin until gravity does its work. Tragic.

2015-01-10 18.44.33

So the bar for success with this game just shot up. AFter 1 turn I have had to reseat, reset or re-situated counters that have adhered, abducted or attached themselves to me.

2015-01-10 18.44.42


Turn 1.

A place for everyone and

2015-01-10 18.59.41

everyone in their place.
2015-01-10 18.59.47Turn Track:2015-01-10 19.00.09


5 thoughts on “Road to Cheren 1941

  1. Yep, the counters are dreadful. It’s a fun little game, though. If you’re interested in the theatre (I definitely am), you need to get up on Lion of Judah, in the offing via GMT’s P500. Can’t link to it from work.

  2. Actually, counters aside, I found this to be a pretty tense game. It compares well to Bloody Keren by V. von Borries from the old Wargamer magazine. Lots of possibilities for advances by the Commonwealth since victory hexes are scattered everywhere. Well worth playing.

  3. Thanks for the little review. Great photos and a nice looking game. Its very well priced here in the UK so I will order a copy to compare to Bloody Keren.

    Maybe if you change your brand of hand moisturiser to an organic product …;-)

    A good book on the topic Tyler is ‘An Improvised War – the Abyssinian Campaign of 1940-41’ by Michael Glover (published by Leo Cooper, 1987). Good order of battle and maps and detailed appendices.

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