River of Perfume, Hue 1968

Analysis of start positions. Pre determined setup dictates a lot of what happens turn 1 and 2. But the VC must work out how to best reinforce the pool building or position to take on the USMC’s starting building.

Victory Conditions:

The Marines must control 5 buildings upstairs and down, the Marines therefore have to take the heavy building across the street first and do so very quickly.  If there is much delay then the whole ability to execute in 7 turns falls apart.


USMC move and fire, pushing a unit up against the VC who are all upstairs Once adjacent and surviving the hail of opportunity fire.

This allows Sargent Ash to light the MG and rip into the VC, but Regin has close in to finish off the enemy.

Squads move into the building taking hexes and forming barriers.

At the other end of the building the Pastor and his team survive the opportunity fire and make it into the building.

The VC hero rushes down stairs taking out one squad in a Melee. [This caused a bit of confusion as I  was looking at the wrong hex..sigh..

Losing the VC heroe puts Ty in a bad place. Now any shaken units are dog meat in this first building. The above pic shows the start of turn 2. By the end of Turn 3 Reagin has cleared the rest of teh building and Ash is now free to bring his fireteams and MG forward.

Anat and her crew chew up the Marines in the building. Shaking two squads.


A hole in the clearing of buildings evolves as two squads with the pastor seem to be taking a LONG time to rally.

Ever sensitive to time Ash and Reagin team up to push units out into the open as bait, so that they can at least be adjacent and spot for Sgt Ash’s kill stack. Reagin lunges across the street and up the stairs to take out the VC holed up there. EPIC. The VC are good in jungle. But in buildings with 3 MP they are a bit hamstrung


For the 1st time VC receive initiative. They start to move units up t take one of the USMC buildings. However I fear its too little too late. Ash backs out and sweeps to the left flank to cover. The sniper takes pot shots at VC.

At the start of Turn 7 with Ash having suppressed and then melee ‘d the approaching VC its all over.  Without leaders they cannot recover and they cannot advance into a building.  This time victory goes to the USMC.

Look for the link to the live stream from the game play in the next post.

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