The Rise of Macedon Campaign

Thanks to Aleksandar Pesic BGG user: (hypaspist.guard) for providing me with a framework that allows a campaign to function across a series of linked GBoh battles. Here is how I think it works, will work.

In each campaign we play all battles in succession according to the following rules additions for either each battle or the campaign overall. But first terminology!

Abbreviations – Clarifications

Draw – is when both sides are routed.

A certain Side must win – if draw or that side that has the requirement to win loses that specific battle, it is Total Campaign Victory of the opponent (the dude without the requirement to win…duh).

Side may not lose – if that side with the requirement per the above loses that battle, it is Total Campaign Victory of the opponent. However with draw result, proceed to the next campaign battle.

Automatic Elite Initiative: In each battle the main character of that campaign (if any) has automatically one Elite Initiative per battle. (Epaminondas, Dionysius I, Agathocles, Timoleon, Phillip II, Alexander III, Antigonus, Satyros, Cleomen, Philopoemen, Pyrrhus, Hamilcar, Hannibal, Antiochus III, Viriathus, Aristonicus, Sulla, Sertorius, Spartacus, Catilina, J.Caesar, Julian, Attila/Aetius, Belisarius).

Rally is per standard rules (only): successful if the DR <= Leader’s Initiative Rating + 1.  We wont be using rally so this wont matter here, included for readers who play GBoH versus other variations.

There is no automatic rally if leader is stacked with a routed unit.

At the end of each battle:

Revive TQ point/RP equivalent + apply 1d10 DR or follow instructions per campaign

Increase RP % Based on win/loss next battle RP may go up or down by x%.

So, each army has a requirement to win or at least draw and losses are counted after recovering stragglers, taking reinforcements by way of die roll and then applied to next battles RP percentage! Brilliant.

PHILLIP II   The Rise of Macedon

Why Phillip II? Well, really why not! All too often we gloss over what came before someone else greatness or ignore what happened after that person left the scene. Alexander the Great is one of those characters. His fame and talent and conquests came at great cost in lives that overshadowed  his Fathers achievements.

Thus we will look at Phillip II, what happened prior, what events drove his ascension,

Phillip has Automatic Elite Initiative once per battle   

After each battle revive 25% of army rout, plus 1 d10 roll worth of Rout Points (RP) after each battle to decrease TQ (RP) loses.

The battles them selves that we will fight:

-ERIGON VALLEY   Macedon must win. Revive 11 RPs, plus 1d10 to decrease lost RPs.

Decrease Macedonian Army Rout by eliminated unrevived units’ Rout Points. i.e. we are taking the net of losses minus revived and subtracting that from the available RP’s for the next battle and the calculation of the RP level for that battle!

-CORONEA   Macedonia may lose. If they lose, then all units are routed. Revive 1d10 0-6, 0-2, 0; plus DR 0-4 for remaining (not routed/eliminated) units. If Mac win he get 3 DRs to decrease his RPs losses. Revive 18 RPs; DR

-THESSALY   Macedon must win. Revive 16 RPs; 1d10 worth of RP

-CROCUS PLAIN   Macedon must win. Revive 20 RPs; 1d10 worth of RP

-ALEXANDROPOLIS   Macedon may lose. If they lose, at Scythia Macedonian army routs – 10 RPs, and at Chaeronea – minus 15 RPs. Revive 11 RPs; 3 x 1d10.

-SCYTHIA   Macedon must win. Revive 20 RPs; recover 1d10 of RP.

-CHAERONEA   revive eliminated units on DR 0-6 ×2  (Two times try for each unit). No 25% and extra DR to decrease loses. Ignore all previous losses; start counting new RPs losses after Chaeronea.  Routed on board units, at the scenario/battle end, may automatically be tried to rally.

Looks cool eh?!

So next we will take a look at the events leading up to Phillip taking the reins and see how all of that came to be and what was going on in the region!

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  3. Excellent idea for playing the various battles! You should submit this to GMT for an article for C3I magazine.

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