Revolution Games

Not covered here much as I do not own any titles. I may have to change that at some point.
That said, the folks have a sale on! @

Battle of Hastings $15.

Operation Battle Axe and Gazala the first an area impulse game the 2nd hex and counter. Mike Rinella did BA, and the Gazala title has a review and AAR on the site $15 and $20 respectively.

Finally the Road to Celles and Washington’s crossing are both on sale also. I’ll note that I rarely see these come up for sale or mentioned but they do ‘look good’.

Looks like most have ZunTzu and VASSAL support too.

Good hunting.

5 thoughts on “Revolution Games

  1. I have Celles, Washington’s Crossing, and Battleaxe and recommend all three. And, a bit of a shameless plug, subscribers to War Diary magazine receive a discount coupon code that entitles them to 25% off any order from Revolution.

  2. Kev, Washington’s Crossing is a fantastic game. The game system models the maneuver and combat methods of the period very well. It’s one of those games where you have to out-think as well as out-play your opponent. Give it a try sometime. +Mark (

  3. A great little company (both the principals and the games). I own all their titles I think. A lot are ziplocked so giving them a try (especially with the sale – or Roy’s discount coupion) is a no-brainer for those that are tempted.


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