Revolution Games

revgamesPretty cool Sale!!
I have no idea how or when I will play these. but BAM… Late nite hammer time buying power!

Rationale –

Gazala – I will be playing the DAK2 Scenario soon, seems like a fresh new title to compare for a Side by Side exploration. BAM!

Road to …Cheren….WTF.. Yep. But it is a Kim Kanger design. Low counter density, obscure topic and 8 pages of rules. I really like the thought he put into Final Gamble so WTH lets roll. Besides….its East Afrika 1941 for f$%^ks sake.

It has Washington on the Damn cover boy!!

Oh and I got the War Diary discount on top of the sale Boooo..Yah! [final Price not shown as you will cry for sure.]


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