Restarting TBL

With one play under my belt I am immediately drawn to another.

I may not take as many detailed shots nor do as much video unless I see lots of interesting things going on. I am keen to enjoy another go at this title, but at a more leisurely pace. I also have a bunch of games languishing on the desk gathering dust on chits!!!

I think there are many avenues to explore here and lots of good game play to be had. This is a title where I think the smaller scenarios allow you to focus on segments of the game. At some point in 2013 we will try some of them.

imagge1Last game was a somewhat historical romp thru the Allies.
Let us see if the Allies can do better, the Germans win faster or something actually happen to the BEF!!

We will play the Allies harder!

Use Air more effectively.

Maximize the value of Reserve chits in the Reaction Phase.

Make fewer rules errors!

Sounds like a blast

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