Resolve that Quandry!


FYI VOTING is CLOSED!! -22:37 May 18th. 

Ok, for a bit of fun after my loooong post about what is next.

Here is your chance to have your say!

With my deftly titled post and similarly creative effort in naming the poll, take a gander and cast your vote by Sunday nite and we will get cracking next week on the winner!!

whats next

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Which title is next?

FYI I voted on Plataea and Day of Heroes to make sure poll worked correctly. I will pop a vote in for all the others as well to discount my preferences!

Have fun.

29 thoughts on “Resolve that Quandry!

  1. Talavera because I’m enamored with the 15th through 19th centuries right now, and CoA makes the best maps.


  2. The Talavera in your picture is NBS (from MMP) not CoA. I vote for the NBS one (nothing against CoA, but I know Enrico likes NBS and I want a 2nd opinion).

    Egg_salad (aka Mike the Duck)

    • LOL ! Ok. Well let me explain. COA is above that Talavera. My goal per the previous post is to to play both titles and then compare. If you look on my blog and search NBS and or Napoleon you will see my play of Austerlitz and Vimero. I like the system a lot. 🙂

  3. Hey Kevin,
    You know I’m a big fan of Campaign Commander series. If you want to play Coral Sea, I’ll play you in Vassal: live or by e-mail.
    It’s unlike anything you ever saw, so if I play with you, I can correct errors and point out strategies.
    Also, go to BGG and this game’s “files” section, where I re-wrote the rulebook. The one in the game works best if you know the system already, because it is a series rulebook with a special section of game-specific rules. That is not a good formula for learning, so my rulebook is laid out for teaching and faster reference.
    Also, if you play Vol. I (Stalingrad) or Vol. III (Punic Island), give me a holler. I created the Vassal modules for those, as well.

    • Lets do it. Coral Sea or Punic Island either is cool. I already have your excellent rule book! I’d love to do a PBeM? do we need a live chat to prep?

      • I have SKYPE and that works really well. Pick your game. if you take Punic Island, I’ll give you Rome (easier to play). For Coral Sea, I’ll take Japan, just to show you how to open with an offensive.
        For live, I’m available after 9:00 CST most nights. For PBEM, any time. This game works PBEM if you know how to do log interrupts (and if not, it’s easy: I can teach that). Just let me know.

  4. If you don’t play Fallshirmjaeger (sp) could you please send it to me to try out…I’ve been jones ing for that title a loooong time. Thanks, you’re the greatest!

  5. Fallishirmjager for certain. That title is the most fascinating SCS game that I don’t have and if you play it at least one of us can get the fun of it.

    Enjoy it & post an AAR at boardgamegeeks!

  6. I say: Small GTS Scenario [Devils Cauldron]. I liked “The Empire Strikes Back” the best I played until now.

  7. Another vote for Fallishirmjager – since they are not reprinting it – would love to live vicariously through you.

    Second vote would be for 5th Corps

  8. I voted for Last Chance for Victory. I’ve got that on my table right now – playing the Flying Dutchmen scenario. I haven’t seen you tackle ACW yet, so I’ll be interested to see your take on what many consider to be the best ACW tactical system out there.

    – Sluggonics

  9. Hoplite. I just ordered it and would love to see the battle report/video on this. [tonyjf]

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