Reluctant Enemies

Starting a VASSAL play of this little guy with my new VASSAL friend Chris. He is (I think a serious gamer, but new to OCS), we went thru a few turns of game play on Guderians Blitzkrieg and he is nailing it!


In the mean time we both read the 3-4  pages module specific rules for RE. Should be a blast. both sides have the chance to attack and defend and both need to husband scarce resources and fragile formations.

I was planning on providing end of turn summaries in a Battle report format if I have time. The campaign is 21 turns. How detail are all of you interested in?

What would be most interesting to you the reader?

5 thoughts on “Reluctant Enemies

  1. Each turn starting positions’ and ending’ positions pictureswith short comments on you personal plans and reasons for actions, analysis of opponent’s moves and decisions. And last, but not least info on supply “flow”. I do not clearly understand, how it would be possible taking into account FoW? Info I want to see here can harm your play, if Chris would be reading this blog. In either case, thank you very much for you efforts.

  2. I am thinking of trying OCS so it would be great to hear about whether this is really the best introduction or does it lose something by it’s relatively small scope.

    • sfpurvis, I will make sure to give you my best impressions. I am currently playing the big daddy (CASEBLUE) so I hope to be able to make some sensible comparisons.

  3. I know it is more work, but the more detail the better as far as what I am looking for. I am first most interested in AARs for games I own or am trying to learn. From the rest of it I am interested in strategic thinking that may be going on as I am generally good with rules but poor with strategy.

    In the case of RE, I am also learning OCS but I know there are other options on that front.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks.
      I think you will like the beginning two articles. After reading the historical notes, it seems that strategically there were limited choices due to force mix and terrain. My thoughts on C’Wealth and Vichy were about what happened historically.

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