Reluctant Enemies Turn 2

Well looks like the Vichy French (VF) are in a world of problems..

Here are the CW moves for the turn:

Along the coast he shells and DG’s, but has some of his best units also DG’d by my pre emptive hits in reaction phase 😉

The Valley area fills quickly with CW units and they mop up SP dumps that I did not destroy or left behind. In the Syrian Desert they deploy the French Foreign Legion and capture remaining SP as well. The prickly Punjabis roll North to sit centrally to support either route B or C. Where they do so goes the focus I think.

The good news kicks in here in the image below. The CW attack falters in the Valley. The attacker takes 1 step loss and another in his option to try and stay in place.

I’ll try to hit the boys adjacent to my DG lads in the valley of Death in Turn 3!

Here is what happened to his attack from a statistical perspective. Both sides had a 39% chance of losing a step. But while the CW had 39% chance of losing a step the actual percent for the Vichy to lose with no loss to the CW was lower at 13%, even then Ao1 was a possibility.

They really need a better Surprise roll to compensate!


Moves by the Vichy in Turn 2, after the attack by the CW:

The large stack was an error. By concentrating forces I give those coastal guns something to blast at. We will fix that in T3.

Syrian Desert /Kiswe area moves for Vichy Turn 2.

Turn 3, Vichy pick up initiative! Time for a small counter attack I think!

Part 1:


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