Reluctant Enemies T1, Commonwealth


C’Wealth advances up the Coastal Route A and presses upto Merdjayoun along Route B the Mountain Valley, but not attacking.

Historical attacks across the Litani, which appeared to have better access thru the Escarpment terrain:


Forces do a  quick overrun on one at start unit too far South, a minor cav unit. It was a 7:1 attack with +5 column shifts for Surprise. Seemed apt.




This isolates another cavalry unit which will fail its attrition roll in the vichy turn 1.



A more stout Cavalry unit in the Syrian desert is surrounded and attacked also. This clears the path towards Damascus along Route C.

For my money a solid start. It may have been possible to pop some units in reserve or into Strategic movement mode (StratMo) to press further or deepers with the units sitting around the central border areas. This would have necessitated leaving the small 2-5 element alone tho.

A potentially risky move it it had survived its Attrition roll in the upcoming turn.

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