Reluctant Enemies…its not a shrink rip.

Two items of note in this 13th module of OCS.  The first is not discussed much and that is Steve Jensens most excellent OCS Rules Summary and Explanation! A  four page summation in which the last page reinforces some notions around Supply, air power and initiative. A must read.


This takes you thru the game at a high level and is a wonderful compliment to reading the second more detailed Starter Guide.

Steve walks you thru the Turn structure, OCS specific terminology and concepts Supply -( draw throw), modes, movement, fueling and what a RE is!


Read that first. Then go setup your campaign and walk thru turn 1 with the guys. Its that easy. You are now an OCS player.  Check back in ten years when you have mastered it. I’m looking for clues!

The Starter guide video:

What is in it?

Who should read it?

Is it worth it?


4 thoughts on “Reluctant Enemies…its not a shrink rip.

  1. I agree with your assessment. I did the same thing. I read the beganning and the end and all the newbie notes. Very cool.

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