Reluctant Enemies 15th-17th June

During the 15th the UK and Allies bring forces forward and prepare to attack along the Coast and in the Desert, but leave units in single stacks in the Valley.

The CW forces however do not obtain the results they like, Vichy press a reserve unit into the Coast to change the odds on combat. The CW elect to do no combat. I feel like this is a win for the Vichy every turn we delay the enemy from advancing!


Vichy Turn 5:

We delay them again,  Vichy win the Init roll and take the turn, this will allow us to do a few things to repair that rough attack last turn!

The DG stack below has his best Infantry units from the Aussie contingent front and center. My air is holding sway here! They wont attack along the coast this turn.



The horror, it was going so well. I had the chance to compute odds prior to combat as it was a 1 stepper no stack. 9:1….in Very Close. But the surprise roll got me. down 4 columns to AL1o1…wow. that pops open the town for them for free.

Stupid move.

NEVER attack unless you need to. That is the 2nd turn in a row along the Valley that I have lost a unit. That is now two good Bns. The next few turns will hurt if he swings any forces to the central region from either the Coast or Desert areas.


We consolidate in the desert and extend a line West of Kiswe.. The 2 Marine FR take an Arty pounding and DG.

RE_17th_desertAllies are next.



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