Red Winter – The First Day Scn [Vassal Play] 1/5

Recently I had the opportunity to revisit Red Winter.

I must say I am continually impressed with how intuitive the game play is yet so historically influenced and thematically accurate. Superb game. In this small scenario the Soviets are played by my Aussie mate Steve.t2_move-sov

Poor placement and good attacks by him secure Kotisaari and the Bridge pretty quick.

redwinter_turn3 Soviet

Defending forward is not smart.


Thankfully night hits and we get to explore the benefits of bonfires and night raids!


A long range attack for nominal results!


December 9th rolls around and sunrise shows us 4 dead frozen Soviets steps General Winter has the Soviets in his grasp for a change.


The Finns need to work out how to survive this one. AS they struggle to get dug in and get the right units in the right spot. If not for some lucky Mortar fire they would be in a worse state.

More soon.

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